Bradley Wynne


A showcase from the Way-Back-When and the Come-What-May.

Fictional narratives in fact and in thought.


The House on Canal Embankment, St PetersburgWagga Beach            


Bradley Wynne has spent his working life and much besides in words and ideas. During his years in journalism he has been a student co-editor (Tharunka, UNSW 1976), a writer and production drone at Nation Review under Richard Walsh, Richard Beckett and Peter Manning (’76-’78), a general reporter at The Canberra Times (’78-’80) and a business journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald (’81-83). After a period as a freelance editor, he settled into a long, slow afternoon at The Australian (highlights: foreign news editor, foundation chief sub-editor of the 'Weekend Australian Magazine') and various other News Corporation editorial postings with a focus on technology/travel/lifestyle/books pages, national website development and copy editing. He was an editor of NewsCorp’s flagship website during its foundation years. Apart from general news and feature journalism, and the occasional short story and anthologised poem, his notable publications to date comprise Embryon: an octopus (Saturday Centre poets series, 1975); The Macquarie Book of Events (Economics editor, Macquarie Library, 1983); and The New Zealand Book of Events (Contributing Editor, Reed Methuen, 1986).
    He received his tertiary education at UNSW and Canberra universities (graduating in Professional Writing with dollops of Australian literature, political science, economics and applied science) and since proudly claims to be the enlightened survivor of two Robert McKee Story seminars.
    He is conscious of the importance of author profile and author engagement in the post-publication promotion of new works. Apart from a personal Facebook page, he manages a Facebook presence called The Tarnished Pilgrim, a practical resource of news, information and third-party advice aimed at Australian authors. Googling ‘The Tarnished Pilgrim’ also highlights a blog that is undergoing rebirth as a harder publishing/promotion site for Australian books and writing. His personal website has the surprising address of (This site seeks to demonstrate the extent and diversity of the fiction that he has written over the years as well as signal projects in the pipeline.)
     Born and raised in regional NSW, he lives in Sydney with his amazing wife, an aspiring filmmaker son and a faithful hound named Ruslan. He’s on the road a bit in Australia and overseas (research and recreation), loves the night sky and what makes the earth move. It is abundantly clear he also has an interest in food and wine. He loves showing off the family library.   
    For more than three years from mid-1989 he lived in Moscow and witnessed the collapse of communism and, as it happened, the seeds of what became the failed hope of a democratic spring in Russia. He has a deep affection for the country's history and culture. Many of his experiences and observations while living and travelling in Russia during the Soviet period are reflected in The Chute, the Between-People trilogy, The Tarnished Pilgrim and a.k.a That Bloomsbury Girl.