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A showcase from the Way-Back-When and the Come-What-May.

Fictional narratives in fact and in thought.


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Wagga Beach

Some secrets are best left unshared*




Would you betray newfound friendships if it meant

resolving your greatest anguish?*



The Chute

If those in your care faced slaughter and you all had the chance

to flee and survive, what would compel you stand and fight?*



Clio's Daughters

All her life, Tilly has wandered through  a dystopian land.

Now she has a chance to go back and help set history to rights.



Prophecy for the Unpracticed

Whose time is it anyway?



The Between-People I: The Book of Friday Unforgetting

As a form of healing for the betrayals of the second revolution, Misha invites society's victims to reenact their stories. The authorities are watching.



The Between-People II: Orbits of the Moon

Under the harsh rule of the Intendaence, Peter's pirate radio colleagues have lived too recklessly and he faces poor choices if he is to save them. 



The Between-People III: Last Sunday Afternoon at Lucy's

Lucy Tsong has struggled to love or even respect her treasonous and ailing father. Now his fellow consiprators demand she replace him in the coming insurgency. 




The Fratis Silincuru cult believes it is about to change the world.

Should Kym help them, hinder them, or just get out of the way? 



The World with Elsewhere in it

Who do you think you are, Augustine da Freya?

Who do we?*



Tales of the Wresting: The Tarnished Pilgrim 

Which weapon should you choose in a world's last battle: faith or magic?*



The Make-Believers

Madness is just a state of mind.*



ancticilius: The Book of Deeds

How can the boy shape the future when his world's

past is forged from falsehoods?



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Where's my head?


So. How was it before the cloud, before the talking-baubles of the web, before mobiles, email, before faxes and telegrams and postcards and letters, before traveloguers? Huh? How was it then? Dusty books on library shelves? Whisperings from Uncle Albert and the intriguingly young aunty of the day Sam (or was it Pat, or Chris ... something ambiguous, always puzzles)?  So. How was it then? It was a ticket, like to a show. Lesson One: Leave your brain at the departure lounge and let the mind kick in? Cliche. Leave your mind at home and let you heart rule. Better. Are we all sitting on our luggage? Then let us begin.